How to Get More Likes on YouTube Videos



Jul 3, 2024

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Getting likes on your YouTube videos isn’t just for fun in the competitive world of YouTube. Likes are a vital sign of involvement that can have a significant effect on how popular, trustworthy, and successful your video is overall. This guide will explain why likes are important and how YouTube’s algorithm treats them. It will also give you tips you can use to get more people to like your videos.

How YouTube’s Algorithm Works

YouTube’s algorithm is meant to show users the most interesting and useful videos. An essential part of this process is getting positive feedback. But why do they really matter?

When some videos get lots of likes, YouTube assumes that those videos are fascinating and provide value to the viewers. This assumption leads to:

Higher Search Rankings:  Videos that have more likes generally rank higher in the search results.

More Recommendations: YouTube is more likely to tell other users about videos that have a lot of views and comments.

More viewers and subscribers: Social proof in the form of likes can help build trust.

If you know about these parts of the algorithm, you can change your content and approach to get more likes and engagement overall.

Tips for Getting More Likes

Make content that generates value

High-quality videos are the building blocks of any popular YouTube channel. Here’s how to make sure your videos are value-driven:

Recognize Your Audience: Learn about your intended audience’s likes and dislikes using analytics, polls, and comments.

Content that teaches and entertains: Your goal should be to teach, entertain, or inspire. People are more likely to like and share content that has real value.

Consistent Quality: To keep the output value high, buy good tools and editing software.

Calls to Action (CTAs)

To get people to like your video, all you have to do is ask them to. Here are some tips for making CTAs work:

Verbal Prompts: During your video, tell viewers to like if they find the content to be interesting.

Visual Cues: Use on-screen images or animations as visual cues to encourage likes.

End Screens and Cards: Use YouTube’s built-in tools to add calls to action (CTAs) for likes at the end of your video.

Interact With Your Audience

You can get more likes and interaction with your channel if you build a community around it.

Respond to Comments: Write back to your viewers to show you appreciate what they’ve said. This builds community and gets people to talk to each other more.

Ask for Feedbacks: For feedback, ask viewers to leave likes if they enjoyed or found the information helpful.

Hold Q&A Sessions:  To connect with your subscribers more deeply, arrange Live streams and Q&A sessions, which can lead to more likes.

Tools and Resources

Tracking Likes

Keeping an eye on your likes can help you figure out what your audience likes. Tools like YouTube Analytics give you a lot of information about how well your video is doing.

Optimizing Content

Several tools can help you make your writing more interesting:

  • VidIQ does topic research, sends out trend alerts, and analyzes videos.
  • TubeBuddy gives you tools for optimization, tag ideas, and data analysis.
  • Create attractive thumbnails and images with Canva to get hits and likes.

Getting to Know Your Audience

To make stuff that people will like, you need to know who they are. To get information about people’s demographics and habits, use Google Analytics and social media insights.  

Case studies and stories of success

Case Study 1: PewDiePie

PewDiePie, one of the most famous YouTubers, knows how to keep his viewers interested. He has millions of likes on his videos because he regularly interacts with his followers and makes content that people can relate to.

Case Study 2: Thomas Brownlee

Tech writer Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) keeps his viewers interested with high-quality production and in-depth reviews. His dedication to quality and care for details have earned him a devoted following and many likes on his posts.


To get more likes on your YouTube videos, you need good information, intelligent ways to interact with people, and the right tools. By learning about YouTube’s algorithm and using the tips we’ve talked about, you can make your video more visible, gain loyal fans, and have more success on the site.

These tips can help you navigate the constantly changing world of YouTube, whether you’re new to the site, work in digital marketing, or have been making videos for a long time. 

Visit our blog or sign up for our email to get more information and tips on how to grow your YouTube channel. Remember that getting famous on YouTube is a race, not a sprint. Keep going, keep participating, and most of all, have fun with the process!

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