How to View All Your Previous Comments on YouTube

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It may seem difficult to locate your YouTube comments, mainly if you actively participate in discussions on several videos. However, finding your own comments is easier than it might seem at first, whether you want to remove a comment you regret or review a conversation you participated in. This blog post will guide you through finding your comments on YouTube, making it easy to manage your online interactions.

Step 1: Access Your Google Account and Sign in

To begin with, make sure you are logged into the Google account you used to make the comments. This step is crucial because YouTube comments are connected to your Google account. Make sure you sign into the appropriate account if you have several. You may verify this by locating the active account profile icon in the YouTube homepage’s upper right corner.

Step 2: Go to Your History on YouTube

After logging in, proceed to the YouTube History page. To accomplish this, click the three lines in the upper left corner of the YouTube homepage—also referred to as the “hamburger” menu. The menu will display; choose “History.” This will direct you to a page that, by default, shows your viewing history.

Step 3: Go to the Comments Section

Watch history, Search history, and Comments are among the options available on the right side of the screen when viewing the History page. To access your comment history, click “Comments”. This area displays all of the comments you have left on YouTube videos while logged into your current Google account.

Step 4: Look Through Your Comments

After choosing the Comments option, you will see a list of all your comments. The comments are arranged chronologically, with the most recent ones appearing first. Each entry displays a brief excerpt of your comment, the title of the video it was posted on, and the date it was posted. Click on the remark to view it or take action (editing, removing, etc.). You will be redirected to the video page where you originally left the comment.

Extra Advice

Editing or Delete Comments: Click the three dots next to any comment on the video page if you want to edit or remove it. You can choose to modify or delete your comment as a result.

Looking for a Specific Comment: Sadly, YouTube does not have a direct search option for comments. If you’re having trouble manually finding the exact comment you’re looking for, recall the video you left a remark on and visit it straight to search the comment section.

In summary

Monitoring your comments and interactions on sites like YouTube is part of managing your digital footprint. By following the above instructions, you can quickly locate, examine, and manage your YouTube comments. This ensures that your online persona accurately represents your current beliefs and viewpoints, enabling you to interact with the YouTube communities and material you care about more responsibly and deliberately.

Remember that your online interactions could have a lasting effect, so consider your post before making it. Cheers to leaving comments and having fun as you explore the lively realm of YouTube chats!

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